Bow Hunter
- Action Battle Game -

3D Action Bow and Arrow battle game where you defeat the skeletons of the field.
Aim and defeat the skeleton with a swipe operation!
It is a game that defeats enemies on the field with simple operations.

App Infomations

Bow and Arrow

Destroy all the skeletons with a bow and arrow!


Defeat all at once with items!


Defeat! Skeletons Army

After defeat

After defeat all, you'll find...
  • 3D bow action game that you can easily play for free
  • You can play with simple operations while having the elements of FPS (shooting shooting game).
  • Exhilaration when the bow and arrow hits
  • Let's defeat the attacking skeleton with a bow and arrow!
How to play
  • Swipe at the top of the screen to aim at the enemy, and when you release your finger, a bow and arrow will be fired.
  • You can move the player by swiping at the bottom of the screen. Let's move to an advantageous place.
  • Swipe is possible up, down, left and right. You can proceed with the game intuitively.